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how do you come up with new patterns? what inspires you?

I used to say that the ideas just came from my brain/imagination (I guess some do) but then I realized that everyday I check my tumblr dashboard and instagram feed so I guess subconsciously I get inspired by all the artists I follow.

(Artists I bloody love atm:  Ricardo Cavolo / Luke Pelletier / Camille Walala)

Since I’ve started being more illustrative I have found myself just looking at  everyday objects and drawing them straight off or drawing them with other things to create something a little bit weird.

Although the past couple of months I’ve found it near impossible to get inspired and create anything decent so I’ve just been focusing on selling stuffsss. Which probably isn’t a bad thing seeing as I need to earn enough money to move to Bristollllllllll.

Your prints make me really happy for no reason and I'm so thankful for that!

This message makes me happy!